Yumzy is not just another food ordering app, but a platform that provides restaurants with the flexibility and freedom of managing orders, creating targeted promotions, build brand visibility and improve profits. We empower you to have full control over your business.

  • Yumzy Ecosystem

    Our Ecosystem comprises various modules, each designed to empower your restaurant business. They can help you get more orders through easily customizable offers, without forcing you to depend on the external factors.

  • Driving business growth

    The profit is all yours!
    We have structured our platform to improve the profitability of your business. Flexible promotion schemes and zero commission model, are some of its many aspects.

  • Add exclusivity to your brand

    Being one of the Qualified Restaurants will provide your brand with a competitive edge. Joining Yumzy is the smartest way to make your restaurant stand out in a crowd.

  • Why should I signup with Yumzy?
  • Yumzy offers you a platform that empowers your restaurant business in many ways. We make sure you get back the control over your business, know your consumers and their preferences, and generate more revenue.
  • Who can sign up with Yumzy?
  • Any restaurant that maintains a hygienic environment and quality with respect to ingredients, food packing, water, staff hygiene, cleanliness of kitchen, equipment and utensils, sanitisation, pest control.
  • Does Yumzy top-up menu prices?
  • No. We have nothing to do with your menu or prices. Our team will NOT have any access to tamper your menus, prices or offers. We suggest you to keep fair prices and NOT to bloat menu prices or reduce portion size that could damage your consumers loyalty.
  • When will I get the payments of my orders?
  • The payments are settled directly between you and your customers. It takes T+3 days to get the payment credited to your account via payment gateway.
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Yumzy is not an another food ordering app, but a platform that provides restaurants with the flexibility and freedom.